What's EPCM?

Our Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management delivery model generally be responsible for the design, construction , commissioning and the overview Management of the facility.


EPCM Benefits

Single point of responsibility versus multiple points of responsibility:

Our EPCM contract provides for a single point of responsibility which makes the EPCM contracting model an attractive option for owners. As the allocation of risk is primarily with the trust worthy EPCM Organization, the owner only need look to the EPCM contractor to address any defect or dispute that arises. This will save time recourse to follow a number of contractors and suppliers, depending on their natures and different systems.


We will typically agree to deliver a fully operational facility within a fixed period or by a fixed date. 

Time certainty of delivery is not only important to an owner but also crucial  where a project is debt financed. 

Contract Price  

Our EPCM contract is typically performed on a fixed price basis.

The fixed price nature of our contract provides the owner, and its financier, with some comfort with regard to having "price certainty" in delivering the project.


Our EPCM Contract takes responsibility for the procurement of the necessary plant and materials as per the agreed detailed engineering drawings and specifications.

Quality and Performance Guarantees 

Our EPCM Contrac will typically guarantee that the completed facility will achieve certain performance standards, usually focusing on the output, efficiency and reliability of the facility. 

Owner's involvement 

Our EPCM contract is usually structured to provide a  considerable latitude to the design and the methods and means of construction. 

If the owner requires greater involvement in, and control over, the design and construction of the facility, procurement of equipment and selection of contractors our EPCM contract is likely to be more appropriate.

Defective works / services 

Our EPCM Services is responsible for rectifying any defective work and re-performing any defective services we eliminate the risk of any suppliers or subcontractors failing to meet their warranty or contractual obligations.

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